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SYNERGY is a world class combination consolidator and penetrating sealer specially formulated for superior stain and salt protection around swimming pools. SYNERGY is suitable for internal, external, domestic and commercial surfaces and will prevent permanent staining from most common spills


To minimize the effects of salt attack ENVIRONEX recommends installing a 40mm overflow pipe located approximately 150mm beneath the pool coping. This will remove the chance of the coping being regularly submersed in the corrosive pool water environment.
• Do not seal under 10°C or over 30°C.
• Always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – A minimum requirement of Safety Glasses, Gloves, Mask & Boots.
• Apply a minimum of 2 coats of SYNERGY to a clean dry surface with an ENVIRONEX LAMBSWOOL APPLICATOR or ENVIRONEX VITON SEAL SPRAYER. SYNERGY may take 2 to 3 days to dry. ENVIRONEX recommend dip sealing your coping pavers/tiles with SYNERGY. Porous masonry will require more coats (3-5) of SYNERGY to provide adequate protection. Allow minimum 7 days curing.
• Only use REFRESH pH neutral detergent for daily or weekly maintenance.
• Not suitable for Bluestone.
• ENVIRONEX recommend resealing the pool surrounds every 2-3 years to assist in prevention of Salt Attack.
• Always test first

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